How do I login to the United Intranet Portal?

To login to the United Airlines Intranet portal, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the official United Airlines employee website at
  2. Type your United Airlines UiD (User ID) in the first field.
  3. Type your United Airlines Intranet Password in the second field.
  4. Click on the “Login” button.

You can now access your United Intranet account.

Note, that the URL will re-direct all users to the official login page at

Also, the old URL at no longer functions.

united intranet login
The United Intranet login page.

How do I register for a United Airlines Intranet account?

You cannot register for an account yourself. Your network administrator or manager will set up your ne United Intranet account when you are hired.

How do I Reset my United Intranet Password?

To reset your United Airlines Intranet password, visit the URL,  enter your UID and click on “Password Help”. An email will be sent to your email address on file. Open the email and follow the instructions to rest your password.

United Intranet Login Problems.

I cannot log in to my UAL United Intranet account. What is the problem?

  1. The system could be down for maintenance. You can check the website on, to see if the website is down for everyone, and not just for you.
  2. Check that your internet connection is working properly.
  3. Check that your keyboard CAPS LOCK button is OFF, as passwords are case sensitive.
  4. Try a variation of your password, with different upper and lower case letters. You could be remembering your password incorrectly.
  5. If you copy and paste your User ID and Password from a document or email, make sure that you don’t copy a “SPACE” by mistake, as a space count as a character.
  6. Use only your United user ID and associated password to login.
  7. Your United user ID begins with U,N,V, or I. Legacy Continental co-workers should no longer use their legacy ID.

For a more complete Troubleshooting Guide, visit our UAL Intranet Login Help Page.

If you need additional help, then contact the IT Service Desk on phone numbers: 1-800-255-5801 or 1-847-700-5800.

You can also share your problem or issue in the comment section.

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  1. Hi I’m United employee Stacy Newton & I’ve been having issues with flying together on my mobile I can enter my emp # but the cursor won’t drop down to allow the input of my password..this started a few weeks ago..not sure why..?

    1. Try updating your mobile browser to the newest version. Alternatively, download and install another browser, such as Chrome, Mozilla or Internet Edge, then try through that browser.

  2. Cliff Marks here, a United employee for 36 years. I have never had so much trouble logging into a simple website. It used to work. Why change it to something that doesn’t.

  3. Cant log into my current flying together. Wanted to know if this is Uniteds way of letting me know I’m no longer employed here?

  4. I’m also having trouble signing in to flying together. I have been using What am I doing wrong? I am a retiree. Your help will be appreciated. Thank you.

  5. Cannot login to the Flying Together to pay my buddy pass bill…
    Is anyone getting an error message that their United ID number and password are incorrect?
    I know I am tyoing the correct ID and Password because I have them written down.

    United IT can you assist with this?

  6. Why is logging on to the intranet so difficult? It is truly an effort. You guys are smart…too smart. People need to be able to use this, not uber computer geniuses…people.

  7. Ditto to all of the above user entries! Shoulda left well enough alone as there wasn’t a problem with it!

  8. I am a United employee via Express Jet. I cannot get into either application. What is going on. The tech desk has limited hours of operation for help


  10. I am an enrolled friend, so my inability to sign in does not have the same urgency, but I am having the same problems signing in. Does anyone know if enrolled companions are no longer granted access to the flying together portal? Will save me a lot of time troubleshooting if that’s the case. Ha~

  11. Ive tried three different browsers , Safari, Firefox, and chrome on my apple desk top, I can not login in. I have tried clearing history, cookies restarting my desk top.. I have been told by tech opps to use after years of using I try and it leads me to and I stll cant login I have called tech ops several times on this issues in the past couple weeks and no resolution. And now I have a shiftbid in two days how am I suppose to be do a bid. When I can not login from home. And since when are we suppose to use

    1. is the correct login page. It should re-direct you to https://

  12. Hi guys..I’m a retiree..just one question.I haven’t flown standby in a couple of travel pass companion and his wife are going with us to LAS..Can we still carry on 1 suitcase?

  13. I’m on injury’s I know I can’t fly but my buddy passes are still available, but because the pass travel list is not on my front page when I try to asses the list only myself and 5 or 6 other people show up.the second page has everyone on the list.This has happened before.I need the list refreshed or reset so that I can book pass travel


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